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This page, in conjunction with our Privacy Policy explains information about us and under what legal terms conditions you can purchase Tickets and other products or services from us.

Please read this carefully - and ensure that you understand what they mean before using the website further. Do NOT create an account with us, unless you agree these Terms in full.

GrabTheTickets.com (“GTT”) is a trading name of Event Facilities Limited, our registered office is Isis Accountants, 2 Debdale Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, NN8 5AA  and you can contact us at admin@grabtheTickets.com

By creating an account on this website, you agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions, Our Privacy Policy and Website Use Policy and create a legally binding contract.

From time to time, these Terms & Conditions may be updated or changed. We suggest you continue to review these regularly, as they remain binding. We will endeavour to draw attention to any substantial changes made to our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the main page - but we are not obliged to do so. Responsibility rests with you to ensure you have checked the Terms & Conditions.

If you are under 18 years of age, you cannot create an account with us. If you are over the age of 18, you may create an account for your personal use to purchase Tickets and related goods and services. If you create this account on behalf of an Entity or Third Party, you confirm you have their full consent to do so.

You may also request to update your account to that of a promoter - where you may sell Tickets and related goods and services via our platform. Further details will be provided to you, if you wish to become an Event Organiser / Promoter (EOP).

You may create a maximum of TWO accounts, one as an EOP and one as a regular customer to purchase Tickets issued by others. Each account must have a unique email address. If you are found to have created more than TWO accounts in total, we may, at our option, remove some or all accounts without liability OR compensation to you.

You must not use our service directly or indirectly to break any law. If we have reason to believe you have done so, you understand that we will feel at liberty to provide all details that we have, to the police and/or other official agency.

Your account may be terminated or suspended - and any orders cancelled - if you break our Terms & Conditions, Purchase Policy, break any laws, are offensive, abusive or threatening to our staff, our customers, Event promoters or Venue staff. We may also terminate or suspend accounts if we are required to do so by the police, order of court or if we believe the account has been compromised.


1.1    GrabTheTickets.com is the trading name of Event Facilities Limited (“GTT”, “we”, “us”, “our”), a company registered in England and Wales under company number 14329545, our registered offices are Isis Accountants, 2 Debdale Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, NN8 5AA

1.2    Event Organisers / Promoters (EOP / EOPs) are those who provide the Tickets to GTT. Examples of EOPs include Band Promoters, Festival Organisers, Theatre Companies, Seminar Producers and other providers of information, entertainment or other services.

1.3    GTT is an online marketplace selling Tickets and related items. The term "Tickets" may refer to a physical Ticket, or more usually a downloadable, printable Tickets which can be exchanged for admission to an Event, Function or similar. Most of our Tickets are provided to us by the EOP for us to sell on their behalf.

1.4    GTT have no control over the Event itself, nor do we control the venues. We operate essentially as a "Booking Office" only - and make a small non-refundable charge for providing this service, typically comprising a “Booking fee” and an “E-Ticket Fee”. Even if an Event is cancelled,  although the Ticket Price will be refunded (subject to further terms and conditions), we do not refund the Booking Fee or E-Ticket fee we have charged for providing our service.

1.5    Our “Purchase Policy” (Purchase Policy Agreement, PPE, Agreement) explains the terms and conditions which apply, if you want to purchase Tickets from us.

1.6    We sell Tickets and related items and services on behalf of artists, agents, Event organisers, venues, producers, and other people or businesses involved in organising and facilitating Events. This is what we mean in this document when we use the term “organisers”.

1.7    Tickets are sold as and when Organisers allocate them to us. The maximum number of Tickets available, maximum per booking and other conditions are dictated to us by the Organiser. The number of Tickets and their availability may be different from one Event to the next - even if the Organiser is the same and the Venue is the same.

1.8    Some Organisers may choose to sell Tickets from other websites, other locations (physical box offices) and also sell Tickets “on the door”. We have no control or responsibility for any Tickets that we have not sold ourselves. The Organisers controls the Ticket availability - not us.

1.9    Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded through us after purchase, except as explained in sections 10, 11 or 12 of this Purchase Policy. If the Organiser permits it, you may resell your Ticket to another. Not all Organisers permit this - and it is your responsibility to check to see if this is allowed. If not, there is a risk that the Ticket will be rejected at check-in.

1.10    Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected, and your local Citizens Advice Bureau in the UK (or similar in other Countries) can provide more information.

2.1    You may create up to TWO accounts with us (a maximum of one as a regular buyer, and a maximum of one as an Organiser). Both accounts must have a unique email address. Furthermore, you must:
        i. Agree with our Privacy Policy, Purchase Policy and Website Terms of Use
        ii. Be 18 years old or older AND be legally permitted to create a legally binding contract.
        iii. Provide honest details when creating your account - and ensure you keep your details current (email address, telephone number etc).
        iv. Protect your account with a reasonably secure password that you do not share with other people, or use on other websites. If you believe your account has been compromised you should contact us immediately - and if possible, immediately change the password to a new, secure one.
        v. Avoid creating more than two accounts. Multiple account may result in ALL accounts being suspended or terminated, any Tickets or bookings may be lost.

2.2    Please ensure you have read and understood our Privacy Policy. If we have reason to believe that your account is involved in any unlawful activity OR if we are requested to provide access by the Police or Courts, we may provide such information as we have to the Police, Courts or other lawful authority. You expressly agree that we may do this without any liability to you. Do NOT use our services for any illegal or dishonest activity.

2.3    If you are purchasing Tickets for a third party (either a Business Entity or other person(s), you agree that you have the lawful authority to make legally binding purchases on their behalf.

2.4    GTT reserves the right to cancel or suspend any account (including cancelling orders / Tickets) under any of the following conditions.
        i. We believe your account is involved in unlawful activity.
        ii. A lawful authority orders us to close your account.
        iii. You have created more accounts than are permitted in section 2.1
        iv. Abusive or Threatening behaviour has been caused by you - or someone with access to your account. This behaviour may be directed at GTT staff, Venue Staff, Organisers or other people involved in the industry. We have a zero tolerance threshold to abuse. Do not do it - you will lose your account(s).
        v. You breach the terms of one or more of our Policies or Codes.

2.5    If you wish, you can contact us to request that your account is closed. If you have Tickets for Events that are still active however, the account can not be closed until after the Event has taken place.

2.6    If your account is terminated (for any reason), this will not affect the rights and liabilites of either GTT or yourself for any purchases made prior to the account closure.

3.1     To be able to make a purchase from us, you must be of legal age (18 years or over, in the UK) and be able to enter into a legally binding contract. You will also need a method of making payment and, at this time, our chosen Payment Processor is Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account however, and can pay for your Ticket with credit, debit or charge cards too.

3.2    Tickets or other goods or services purchased from us, creates a legally binding contract which is controlled by this policy, our privacy policy, website conditions and any other specific conditions which may be set out by the Organisers of the Event in question. Please do not make any purchase from us unless you fully understand the various terms and conditions which apply.

3.3    Our policies and conditions change from time to time and we request that you ensure that you are familiar with our most current published versions. Any purchases made will be governed by the edition of the policy in place at the time of purchase.

3.4    At no point will we become liable for any incidental or consequential loss, except where this exclusion is prohibited by law.

3.5    The provisions of this Policy Agreement shall be deemed severable and the invalidity or unenforceability of any provision shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions thereof.
    If any provision or clause of this Policy Agreement, or portion thereof, shall be held by any court or other tribunal or competent jurisdiction to be illegal, void, or unenforceable in such jurisdiction, the remainder of such provision shall not be thereby affected and shall be given full effect, without regard to the invalid portion.
    It is the intention of the parties that, if any court construes any provision or clause of this Policy Agreement, or any portion thereof, to be illegal, void, or unenforceable because of the duration of such provision or the area or matter covered thereby, such court shall reduce the duration, area, or matter of such provision, and, in its reduced form, such provision shall then be enforceable and shall be enforced.

4.1    GTT is not currently VAT registered, though we anticipate becoming registered during 2023 as we approach the VAT Threshold.

4.2    Tickets and related items typically consist of several aspects to the price which may include some or all of the following.
        i. Ticket / Item Price - Usually the bulk of the price.    
        ii. E-Ticket fee - A non-refundable charge, made by GTT
        iii. Booking fee - A non-refundable charge, made by GTT
        iv. Venue fee - Sometimes added by Organisers - but never GTT
        v. Convenience fee - Sometimes added by Organisers - but never GTT
        vi. Payment Processing fee - Sometimes added by Organisers - but never GTT
    The total price will be clearly shown before you check-out.     

4.3    We currently use Paypal as our payment processor. You do not need a paypal account to use them however - and we believe payment can be made by Debit Card, Credit Card, Charge Card (American Express) or from your Paypal balance. Should Paypal chose to alter any of their payment options, this is between them and you. We may offer alternative methods of payment - and some venues may also permit Tickets to be purchased “On The Door”. Any payment made directly to an Organiser or other entity will be between you and the person you are making a payment too. GTT has no control or responsibility for any payments made other than through the GTT platform.

4.4    We try very hard to ensure that advertised prices are correct but sometimes mistakes do occur. Usually we will make effort to contact you with the details you have provided, and give you the option to cancel the order OR to pay the correct value. If we are not able to contact you, we may refund you in full (including fees which are normally non-refundable) and then cancel your purchase without any further liability to yourself. Sometimes we may choose to honour a mistakenly low price - but we are not obliged to do so and doing so once, will not set a precedent for ever doing so again.
4.5    Ticket prices are usually a set price - though there may be different classes or grades of Ticket for any given event. For example a VIP Ticket may permit earlier entry, a chance to meet artists - and be priced at a different rate. Sometimes however a Ticket price may simply change over time to reflect either an “Early Bird Discount” ending or a “Fire Sale” discount in the last hours before an Event occurs. In these cases any Ticket purchased by you is not subject to a partial or complete refund or credit, just because the price has now changed. You may choose to purchase a Ticket at the stated price - or you may wish to delay your purchase as you choose however. Any refunds for cancelled Tickets will be based on the price actually paid for the Ticket.

4.6    At the moment, all Ticket prices are in British Pounds (GBP) We may offer alternative currencies in due course but at present, all transactions will be made in GBP. Paypal and/or your credit / debit / charge card may charge you a currency conversion fee if you are overseas or your card is operating with a different currency. We are not liable for this fee - even if an Event is cancelled. We do not accept any responsibility for payment processing fees, levies, commissions, currency conversion fees, charges, taxes or other fees. The responsibility for checking any and all fees which you may be required to pay, is yours. Please do NOT purchase from us, if you do not accept full responsibility for your own choices.

4.7    The contract between us commences once your order has been paid for and lasts until the Event your Ticket was for, has concluded. In the Event that you have also purchased related, please see 4.8 below.

4.8    You have 48 hours from the end of an Event to report non-delivery of an item that was meant to be collected from the Event. This INCLUDES weekends and Bank Holidays.

4.9    Tickets purchased from ourselves will be made available for immediate download from your account. The Ticket is available as a PDF document and contains a QR code which may be read by a scanner at the event. You may also (at your own risk), simply save the Ticket to your phone for scanning. If however your phone fails to operate, or has a flat battery or has a damaged or dirty screen which prevents scanning, we will NOT be held liable if you are refused entry. We strongly suggest Tickets are printed and taken to the Event - just in case your phone is lost, damaged, stolen or otherwise fails to display the Ticket in a suitable manner.

4.10    We do not send Tickets by post unless it expressly offers this service. If you have purchased items in addition to Tickets, these should be provided at the Event directly from the EOP and NOT issued from GTT.

4.11    If, for any reason, your Tickets to do not appear instantly in your account, please check firstly, that payment went through - and make a note of the payment reference. Then, providing you are certain that payment has been made and the Tickets have NOT been issued, please contact us immediately. We cannot accept liability if you do not report a missing Ticket in time for us to check records and re-issue.

4.12    In the unlikely Event that payment is cancelled by your payment provider, then we reserve the right to immediately cancel your Ticket and any related items. We accept no liability whatsoever if we have to cancel purchases due to recalled funds.

4.13    In the Event that a funds reversal has been made AFTER an Event has taken place, then we may make an attempt to contact you to provide a replacement payment, or, especially but not only, in the case of multiple Tickets that appear to have been obtained fraudulently, we will refer the matter to the police.

4.14    WE reserve the right to carry out checks to ensure and verify purchases. In cases where fraud or attempted fraud is discovered, you understand that we will provide ALL details at our disposal to the police or other relevant agencies. Any Tickets that we suspect have been purchased fraudulently, will be cancelled - and therefore entry will be refused.

4.15    It is your responsibility to read ALL descriptions properly, to understand any conditions of the EOPs and to take full account of weather, traffic and suitability of the event. Make sure you know exactly what your Ticket entitles you to - as (except in the case of Event cancellations), we do not provide refunds.

5.1    All Ticket deliveries except when expressly stated otherwise, are delivered electronically to your account, ready for you to download and print. If you have purchased items too, these will be despatched by the EOPs OR provided at the event. It is essential that you read and understand the EOPs terms of sale for these items.

6.1    Unless specifically prohibited in the Event description, we do not actively prEvent Tickets being transferred to other people - for example family and friends.

6.2    It is important to note that our contract is with YOU - and we accept no liability if the person you have provided your Ticket to, is denied entrance at an Event due to incorrect names etc. Tickets issued are for the purchaser (and also their group if buying more than one Ticket). Only transfer your Ticket(s) to someone you know and trust.

6.3    Transferring inappropriate Tickets (for example, providing a Ticket to an adult Event to a child), will result in admission being prohibited and no refund will be provided. Furthermore, if the Event is deemed totally inappropriate for a young person, then us or the EOPs may refer the incident to an appropriate authority.

6.4    IMPORTANT - If an Event is cancelled, then any refund will only be made to the original purchaser and to the original account. We will not refund third parties. Our contract remains with you, whatever you choose to do with your Ticket(s).

7.1    All Ticket images (serial numbers, QR codes and designs), purchased from us, remain the property of the EOP. The Ticket is effectively a personal revocable licence, which either GTT and/or the EOPs may withdraw at any time and admission refused without liability.

7.2    A Ticket does not guarantee entrance. Conditions where entrancy may be refused WITHOUT compensation, include (but are not limited to)
        i. Ticket defaced / unreadable
        ii. Ticket has already been scanned (cloned Ticket - see 7.3 below)
        iii Ticket is for an adult themed Event and holder appears to be a minor
        iv Ticket holder appears intoxicated through alcohol and/or other drugs
        v Any violence whatsoever
        vi. Threatening or inappropriate behaviour
        vii. Failing to comply with any law
        vii. Failing to comply with any Venue dress code / other rules.

7.3    Any unfair refusal, needs to be reported to GTT, with full supporting evidence (ideally audio/video recording) of your claim within 48 hours of being refused entry to the Event. Although a Ticket does not guarantee entry, we aim to be fair in our decision providing you give us evidence to prove your claim within 48 hours of refusal. Claims without supporting evidence will not be considered.

7.4    We very strongly suggest you do NOT post photos of your Ticket where anyone can see them. The QR code or Ticket Code may be sufficient for someone to create a cloned Ticket. It happens more often than people realise. The first person to be scanned in on a specific code, gets in - whether that is the legitimate Ticket holder OR the person that was able to copy their Ticket. Do NOT let people see your Tickets until AFTER the event. There is no compensation if you allowed your Ticket to be cloned and you were refused admission. NEVER post photos online of your ANY Ticket (from us or anyone else) until AFTER the Event is over. If you ignore this and your Ticket Code has already been scanned, you will be unable to gain admission.

7.5    Clearly you can print as many copies of your Ticket as you wish - HOWEVER the Ticket will only be valid ONCE. As soon as it is scanned, the Ticket is cancelled and anyone else trying to enter with a clone Ticket will be refused entrance. If the EOPs believe fraudulent intent is present, they may contact police. Do not share your Ticket images with anyone. Do not give other people copies of your Ticket. If someone can copy your Ticket - it effectively “belongs” to whoever uses it first.

7.6    Reserved seating may be offered to some Events. Where this occurs, the EOP will use reasonable means to ensure you get the seating requested. However the seating plan, while provided in good faith and usually works extremely well, may sometimes need to be replaced with alterative seating (damaged / soiled seats etc). You understand that although all reasonable efforts will be taken to provide you with the seats you reserved, under certain circumstances, this may not be possible - and other than providing you with a seat of similar value, there will be no further liability to you in this respect.

8.1    Sometimes Tickets are “available until sold” without any further restriction on quantity. At other times, EOPs may have a policy to restrict Tickets to (for example) 1, 2 or 5 Tickets per account. GTT do not get involved in Ticket limits and it is important to note, that any attempt to purchase additional Tickets by creating a duplicate account may result in ALL your accounts being terminated and any Tickets invalidated without compensation. Do NOT attempt to bypass Ticket limits with duplicate accounts. See section 2.1

8.2    Tickets purchased by you, should be for you, family or friends. Any Tickets purchased which are then subsequently resold for profit, may be cancelled without notifying you or the person who has purchased the Ticket.

9.1    Advertised start times are subject to change. Door times may also not be linked to a performance time, especially where a Venue is, for example, a public house which may be open to the public at 13:00 even though the Event in a Private Room does not commence until 17:00. It is important to read the Event description carefully - and to contact the EOP if you have any questions. GTT have no control of Event start times.

9.2    It is a condition of sale that EOPs may need to adjust the programme for the Event, so artists may appear in a different order than stated and some substitutions may be required. An example being during Covid or other similar issues, some artists may be legally required to cancel - or cancel to protect the health of others. The EOPs will usually do their very best to provide materially what was advertised, but timings and substitutions may be required. This is NOT a breach of the contract and you accept that variations to times and artists may occur and there will be no obligation to provide refunds. In many cases, a more material change WILL result in EOPs offering refunds or part refunds but GTT have no control over these decisions.

9.3    Please be punctual, sober and suitably dressed - particularly if you are attending an Event with a clearly stated dress code. If you choose to ignore a dress code for a nightclub, gala dinner, black tie evening etc, then you are unlikely to be admitted and neither GTT nor the EOPs will be obliged to offer a refund.

9.4    As a rule, latecomers will usually be admitted at a suitable time (an interval, change of artist or other suitable moment). There may be occasions where it would be too disruptive to do this - and admission for late arrivals is NOT guaranteed. Please allow extra time for traffic, parking, road delays and other problems which can easily spoil your experience.

9.5    Although reasonable attempts will usually be made to accommodate late arrivals, in the case of (for example) formal dinners, then “missed courses” remain missed and you pick up where the next course is served.

9.6    With the exception of Guide Dogs, please work on the basis that the following should not be brought (or in the case of phones, left “on”) unless the Ticket details make it clear that these items are welcome. Some venues WILL reserve the right to search you. If this may be a problem for you, please do not purchase a Ticket. We do not have the ability to insist that they let you in without being searched - even if you do have a Police, Military or other warrant card which you had hoped gives you special treatment. You may be searched.
        i. Laser pointers - likely to be confiscated or admission refused.
        ii. Weapons of any kind - likely to be confiscated and given to Police.
        iii. Phones - usually permitted (check) but need to be silent.
        iv. Cameras are often banned - please do not bring one without checking.
        v. Alcohol - almost always prohibited.
        vi. Any drugs other than sufficient prescription drugs for the duration of the Event - (with proof, eg: prescription)
        vii. Any illegal, offensive, disruptive items whatsoever.
        viii. Food or drink - unless Event details make it clear, that this is ok.
        ix. Drones, Fireworks, loud hailers and other nuisance / dangerous items.

9.7    Unless you are specifically authorised to do so, any photographs, or video or audio recordings may be confiscated and/or deleted. This is not something that GTT has any control over - but many Events do NOT permit recordings to be made and their admission policy may give them the RIGHT to confiscate / delete and to eject you from the premises. Please do NOT attempt to record anything unless you have permission to do so.

9.8    Many venues will record the Event - sometimes artists will also record the Event. You understand that admission to any GTT Ticketed Event may result in you being recorded with or without your consent. Additionally, although other Ticket holders do not have our permission to record you, you accept that neither GTT, nor the EOP or Venue has any liability to you if you are recorded on any device. Some Events may even have Police recordings taking place. Work on the basis that if you attend any event, you may be recorded. Both video and audio. For almost everyone this will be of no consequence whatsoever. If this is a concern for you, please do not purchase a Ticket for the Event.

9.9    Unless the Event description suggests otherwise, please do not assume there is any “pass out” or right of re-admission. Sometimes there may be a provision for this in place, but usually, once you leave the Venue, re-admission is not an option. Please do not leave a Venue with the intention of coming back later unless you have checked first that there is a system in place to enable this. GTT will NOT be liable and neither will the EOP if you potter off and then find you cannot gain re-admission.

9.10    Certain Events may contain loud music which can damage hearing, some Events may feature flashing lights, pyrotechnics and strobes which may be unsuitable for some people. If loud music or strobing lights and pyrotechnics (fireworks) could be an issue, please check with the EOP before purchasing your Tickets.

10.1    Despite the best efforts of EOPs and Venue operators, there are times when Events are cancelled, re-scheduled or have to be substantially changed. These can include totally unforeseeable events (fire, floods, terrorism), legal issues (for example lockdown rules during Covid), and health including severe illness and death.

10.2    How these changes are handled, will depend partly on any Event specific T&C on the Ticket Description and sognificantly, whether the Event has been cancelled, re-scheduled or substantially altered. Minor alterations (which can include understudies performing in place of an unavailable artist), changes in line-up for Events where multiple performances / bands / acts are featured and late starting times will NOT result in refunds from the EOPs.

10.3    In the case of Events which are re-scheduled, the EOPs are expected to do their best to contact you in good time. We may also endeavour to ensure you are notified but we are not obligated to do so. It is your responsibility to check that no re-scheduling has taken place, and that the Event is taking place as stated at the time of purchasing the Tickets.

10.4    If an Event is completely cancelled, then you will be refunded the value of the Ticket you purchased, service charges and ordering fees etc will NOT be refunded as this service has been provided by GTT. If an Event occurring over multiple days is cancelled - for example the last day of a 4 day Festival, the EOPs may offer you a pro-rata refund.

10.5    If an Event has undergone a substantial alteration - for example a three day Event is now just one day - or most of the acts / performances have been cancelled, then you will be entitled to a full refund from the EOPs. You MUST request this refund however before the Event takes place. If you choose to attend the Event regardless, the EOPs will not authorize refunds.

10.6    EOPs may change the Venue - especially in the Event of Fire, Flood or other emergency where use of the original Venue may be dangerous or impossible. GTT does not have any control over such Events though will endeavour to work with the EOPs to ensure an alternative Venue is located. If this is not possible, then the Event would be effectively cancelled and clause 10.4 above would apply.

10.7    Unless an EOP is able to provide a refund faster or provide an alternative remedy that you agree to, you need to provide your Ticket details, purchase details (name, address, date and time of purchase, payment method, payment reference, Ticket reference) to GTT by signed for post to the address we give you. Please do NOT rely on regular post. For Events which have been cancelled, you MUST apply for your refund within 7 days from the cancelled event. Refunds will be made to the original purchaser, using the same method of payment. In case of large scale cancellations (Covid etc) or very large Events, please understand that refunding Tickets may take time.

11.1    Tickets and related purchases (for example souvenir merchandise) cannot be refunded or cancelled except as explained in clause 10. Except where prohibited by the EOP, Tickets may be re-sold providing they are not sold at profit. Likewise any physical item you have purchased may be given or sold on, but except where entitled by law, refunds are not usually accepted by EOPs.

11.2    Even where an EOP is prepared to accept a return on a physical item, this will not apply to any item which has been customised for you in any way, or in the case of sealed items (including but not limited to) CD’s DVD’s or music, video or software of any kind on any kind of media), if the seal has been opened, broken or tampered with in any way. Digital downloads are also non-refundable as are any items of a perishable nature. Please ONLY purchase items you intend to keep.

12.1    You warrant that any information you provide with your account, shall be honest, accurate and complete. You will NOT use false or misleading information. You also agree that you are of legal age to purchase Tickets in your Country and are (in all cases) at least 18 years of age. You also confirm that you are legally entitled to enter into a legally binding contract with GTT and our EOPs.

12.2    You warrant that you will respect and comply with all laws and regulations, along with this Policy and any other Terms & Conditions, including those stated on the Event Description which may include other conditions (for example, adults over the age of 18 only).

12.3    You agree to indemnify and hold harmless GTT and our EOPs, along with any related Venue staff, officers, agents and directors (“Indemnified Parties”) against any losses, expenses, damages, costs, fees, disbursements, claims, liabilities or demands as a consequence of, or in connection to, any breach of this policy, other Terms & Conditions and/or breach of any laws or regulations or breach of any rights belonging to third parties. For the avoidance of doubt, you indemnify the “Indemnified Parties” to the fullest extent permitted by law.

13.1    Terms like “including”, “for example”, “includes”, “especially”, notably” and similar  shall be considered illustrative and not limiting. They are more usefully taken as possible examples of which there may be many others.

13.2    Headings are simply overall “markers” to help people navigate to the part which may interest them. There may be overlap and people are requested to properly familiarise themselves with the Policy / Agreement in FULL. Bold text and Capitals may be used to draw attention to specific points and/or to refer to a Term - for example GTT.

14.1    To the maximum extent permitted by law, GTT, our Agents, Venue Operators, EOPs and Sub Contractors shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury caused to anyone:-
        i. under any circumstances where there is no breach of contract or a legal duty of care owed by us or our Agents, Venue Operators, EOPs and Sub Contractors.
        ii. if the loss / damage is not directly as a result of a breach (excluding Death or Personal Injury resulting from negligence of GTT or our Agents, Venue Operators, EOPs and Sub Contractors )
        iii. where their own negligence or breach of any of our Policies, Terms, Conditions, or Safety instructions (for example people refusing to follow Fire Evacuation), further increases loss or damage.

14.2     To the maximum extent permitted by law, we including our Agents, Venue Operators, EOPs and Sub Contractors, will not be held liable for any indirect or consequential losses (including but not limited to compensation for distress, loss of profit, earnings, revenue, data, reputation, goodwill, data, profits, revenue, earnings, goodwill, reputation, or any other special damages from your use of our (GTT and our Agents, Venue Operators, EOPs and Sub Contractors) services and subsequent purchases.

14.3    Specifically, any personal arrangements including Transport, Accommodation, Expenses, Dining are entirely at your own risk. Events may be cancelled or postponed for a variety of reasons, many of which are totally outside of our control - for example fire, terrorism, lockdowns, accident and injury of key performers and/or staff. We strongly recommend you consider taking out appropriate travel insurance to provide compensation if this may be an issue for you.

14.4    While we hope you will thoroughly enjoy your Event, we cannot be held liable if, for any reason, you decide you did not enjoy it. Even if an Event is cancelled, changed or rescheduled, we as Ticket agents, can not be held liable for loss of enjoyment. In the Event of a cancellation, refund for the Ticket will be handled according to Section 10 of this agreement. Booking fees and E-Ticket fees are NOT refundable as the service has already been provided.

14.5    If you are refused admission or removed from an Event due to any breach of any terms of GTT or our Agents, Venue Operators, EOPs and Sub Contractors, then we will not be liable or responsible to you for any refund or for any loss sustained.

14.6    Except where prohibited by law or otherwise stated in this agreement or any related conditions from the EOP or Venue connected to your purchase, the maximum liability to you, will be limited to the price paid by you for the Ticket and related items but excluding any Ticket fees or booking fees.

14.7    We are not responsible for any internet errors or connection issues - whether on our own website, our partners websites, payment processing websites, your Internet Service Provider or any other Internet Service or connection.

14.8    Unless caused by our negligence, we shall not be liable for personal injury or death to you, your guests as a result of attending any Event. Neither will we accept liability for any loss or damage to your property - or the property of others when attending an Event.

14.9    Although reasonable effort will usually be made to handle unforseen Events, we will not be liable for any failure to perform or any other obligations under this agreement if the failure is a result of “force majeure”, including “acts of God”, terrorism, riots, civil disturbances, floods, fires, strikes, curfews or any enforcement, law, condition or order of the police, courts or military.

14.10    Nothing in this agreement intends to remove any statutory rights that you may have.

15.1    In the even that we - or EOPs - need to contact you, we will use your contact details as provided by you in your GTT account. It is your responsibility to ensure you keep these details accurate and current.

15.2    Please ensure that you check your spam / junk folder and where possible, please add grabtheTickets.com to your whitelist. We do not send spam and will only contact you if we need to update you about an Event and/or if you have chosen to opt in to any updates of upcoming Events or other selected information.

15.3    You may contact us by email and letter at your convenience. Our current details are at the bottom of the main GTT page. A telephone number is also listed however please note this is for general information only - and staff on this number do NOT have access to your account. We strongly suggest using email - which also provides a record for both parties too.

15.4    We aim to respond to complaints, enquiries and queries quickly, but please allow a minimum of five working days before “chasing”. Some queries are simple to answer and may be responded to within the hour. If however we need to have a response from an EOP or venue, then we will need to wait for their reply before getting back to you.

15.5    Depending on the nature of the complaint, it may take as long as 28 days to resolve, especially if we need to obtain feedback, comments, evidence or opinion from Venues, EOPs or other involved parties. We will always endeavour however to address complaints in a fair and timely manner.

15.6    Nothing in this Agreement affects or limits your statutory rights. You may complain to Trading Standards or other authorities. You may also obtain free advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau. We do ask that you give us the chance to put matters right first - we try hard to be fair and sometimes a genuine issue can be resolved quickly and easily to the satisfaction of everyone.

15.7    Please note we listen to ALL complaints - including those from our Staff, Venue Operators, Support Staff, EOPs and other Ticket Holders. We do not tolerate or support any physical, sexual or verbal abuse. We remind all parties that any abuse considered serious by anyone, should be reported to the Police as well as ourselves and our Partners. This includes any claimed abuse by GTT staff or our Agents. Any person being abusive, forfeits their right to remain in or at the Event and forfeits any claim to compensation for being removed from the Event and any related or consequential costs and claims.

16.1    Our failure to enforce any provision in this Purchase Policy Agreement, shall not prevent us from enforcing it in the future.

16.2    We may assign our rights under this Purchase Policy Agreement to another party providing your rights are not adversely affected. For example, if we sell our business to a new owner.

16.3    If any part of this Purchase Policy Agreement is held by a court to be invalid, that part shall be omitted from the policy and all remaining parts will remain in full force.

16.4    These provisions may be enforced by any Third Party operating on our behalf, for example, but not limited to, an EOP, Law Firm, Police Officer or Debt Collection agency.

16.5    Nothing in this Purchase Policy Agreement constitutes any form of “Partnership”, “Joint Venture” or other shared business interest.

16.6    This policy may be updated from time to time and purchasers of Tickets and related items are required to satisfy themselves that they agree completely with the latest version of the policy at the time that they make any purchase.

16.7    This Purchase Policy Agreement shall be governed by English Law only.